Now that you have learned making and receiving calls, let’s move on to sending and receiving SMS
1. As always, make sure your PiTalk is turned on and you have appropriate network coverage, as
shown on the top right with the signal bars.
2. Tap (or click) on the message Icon in the menu page
3. Since we’re sending a new message, click on the create SMS button
4. Enter the number of you recipient and the text that you want to send.
That’s it! You’ve just sent a SMS with your Pitalk



MsgClub Jul 18th 2018

Hello,Thanks for sharing the post! I just wanna say one thing. Nowadays, SMS marketing has become a popular medium to connect with customers or to promote your product among the large clientele. and if we use tool like piTalk it will become more easy to handle sms campaign and target the right audience .


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